I’ve always loved exercising & always been a home workout girl as i never had the confidence to join a gym. Since joining FitRoom my confidence has risen & i love it! Both Helen & Tony are so friendly & make you feel very welcome, i love going every week & exorcising with my friends & having a giggle at the same time. Would/will recommend FitRoom to anyone!
Stacey Robinson
A MASSIVE thanks to Helen & Tony at FitRoom! They have helped me achieve a huge milestone by getting me in shape! After 6 weeks I have already lost 4 inches of my waist – Dropping from a 36″ to a 32″! I’ve also lost nearly a stone in weight! I encourage anyone thinking about getting in shape to join FitRoom!
Richard Palmer-Shaw
I have never been one for exercise, but since coming to FitRoom I have had a complete change of heart. I love my classes and look forward to them all every week.
Vikki Coster
I love the classes, friendly groups, Helen and Tony cater for all ages and abilities, it’s great to actually feel that I CAN get fitter. Without them I would carry on being a couch potato.
Karen Neal

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“I’ve been attending the FitRoom since it started and LOVE it!! I attend 5 classes a week and I am fitter than I ever have been. Helen is absolutely fantastic and offers a friendly and personalised service. I have met so many lovely people and the classes have such a supportive atmosphere! I would be lost without it!!! ”
– Sara Mciver

“I have been attending your hit class for 4 weeks now and I’m really enjoying it. On my first class I Couldn’t even get through t first exercise now I’m able to complete the full 30 mins, I even find myself doing a mini hit class at home and running i feel so much better. Everyone is so friendly and for once I feel comfortable to attend a class. Thank you”
– Natalie Wadlow

Wow, the box-fit classes have been amazing , each week I can feel myself getting stronger, the atmosphere is so friendly and working in pairs and teams really helps us get to know each other.. I look forward to learning new things each week.. as enjoy the rocky style music … Thank you!
– Esther Maginn

I’d like to share this little secret, a little place that has got me motivated and back into fitness. For the first time in a long time I actually enjoy going to classes – I love boxercise and am feeling the changes already, well done Helen and Tony!
– Justine Willis


“ I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times ”



Antony Mead
Antony MeadPersonal Trainer
I help clients achieve their fitness and health goals through motivation and education!
Helen Hygate
Helen HygatePersonal Trainer
The pinnacle of personal trainers who has the power to change lives for the better!
Liza Morfett
Liza MorfettNutritionist
The “As Seen On TV” development chef will whip you up healthy and tasty recipes!


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